Maluma Teams Up with Grupo Firme on New Single “Cada Quien”

Maluma is firme-ing up his musical collaborations…

The 27-year-old Colombian singer and Grupo Firme have released the official music video for their unexpected collab single “Cada Quien.

Maluma x Grupo Firme

The Regional Mexican supergroup released their latest single on Tuesday (Dec. 7) and joined voices with the Colombian star on the track, marking the first time the norteño/banda group collaborated with an urbano artist.

“Cada Quien” is an unapologetic track where each artist chants about living life on their own terms and sends a message to all of those people who like to criticize and judge others: “To each his or her own!”

In the music video, filmed in Medellín, Colombia and presented by Music VIP Entertainment, Maluma and Grupo Firme are seen in a ranch while they sing and take shots straight from the bottle.

“We got a video from Maluma saying hello and asking when we’d work together. I mean, how could we say no to Maluma. We were thrilled and started coordinating everything. It all came together in a matter of days,” he said.

“Yes, we are collaborating outside of our style. We also recorded songs with Reik and Río Roma, but I’m always scared to go into another genre,” the group’s frontman Eduin Caz added. “I’m scared of losing our core fan base. That’s why sometimes I go onstage wearing an urbano outfit with sneakers, and other times, I’m wearing boots and a tejana [cowboy hat] so I can make everyone happy and they don’t get caught off guard when we sing with an urban artist. We’ve been very careful with those types of collaborations, and I trust in Isael (Firme’s manager) that we’re doing the right thing.”

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