Conde to Launch Anti-Bullying Campaign…

Despite being one of Mexico’s most beautiful superestrellas, Ninel Conde has still managed to experience cyber-bullying.

But the Mexican actress/singer/model is no “tonta,” as she’s been called… And, Conde has had enough of being ill-treated on the internet.


The former Rebelde star is partnering with producer Billy Rovzar to create a new viral campaign aimed at raising awareness about the bullying epidemic.

“People may laugh at a joke, but there are 10,000 jokes daily…and that affects you. For people to believe something that isn’t true can cause serious psychological damage,” Rovzar told the media about Conde’s experience with cyber-bullying on social media outlets like Twitter. “Ninel is a very strong person and at the end of the day, she’ll overcome it. But there are those who can’t.”

Along with launching the viral campaign, the Latin Grammy-nominated star and Rovzar are hoping to create an online network where victims throughout the world can share stories and speak their minds and give victims a voice.