Spanic Receives National Award for Being an Inspiring Woman

In her 20-year entertainment career, including her 13-years appearing in some of Spanish-television’s most popular telenovelas, Gabriela Spanic has come a long way… And, now she’s being recognized for that incredible artistic trajectory.

The 38-year-old Venezuelan telenovela star has received the Premio Nacional de la Mujer from Mexico’s Cámara Nacional de la Mujer, A. C. (Canadem), an organization
that recognizes people and companies that positively impact society, women in particular.

Gabriela Spanic

“For me this recognition says many things, because no one can deny that I have worked a lot to deserve it,” says Spanic. “That I love my career, that I make an effort, put my all into it and respect the public that has supported me the length of my career, including my work as a protagonist in Emperatriz and La usurpadora, among many more.”

Asked about how hard it is to be a woman, parent and mother at the same time, Spanic said: “I am a single mother with a lot of honor, my son is my motor and my force, and I [fight] for him, although I believe every parent fights for their by its children, with all my energy.”

Spanic thanks God and the Virgin Mary for having life, health and work, as well as the strength to face her any obstacles that come her way.