Rosalia Releases “F*cking Money Man” Featuring Two New Tracks in One Bundle

Rosalia is giving fans a million reasons to smile…

The 25-year-old Spanish singer/songwriter has returned to her forward-thinking flamenco ways with “F*cking Money Man,” basically two new tracks in one. 


In the video bundle, which includes “Milionaría” and “Dio$ No$ Libre del Dinero,” Rosalia returns with the essence that put her on the musical radar with her 2018 El Mal Querer album: pop melodies with heavier rhythms on the modern flamenco side. 

In a nutshell, both songs are about God saving us from money. One features Catalan lyrics, the other is in Spanish.

“One day you want to be a millionaire and the next day burn everything, in reality, how much does money matter?” Rosalia stated in a press release. “It seems so pure to look for it as to deny it and I think we’ve all felt love-hate for money once. 

“‘Milionària” is the first song I’ve composed and I published in Catalan, it’s also the first song I do inspired by Catalan rumba,” she continued. “I started it in Seville while I was waiting at the airport and I finished it in Barcelona. With good luck and some lagrimilla also…fuckin money man! “

Directed by Barbara Farre and with the co-creative direction of Rosalia, the music video, which premiered first in Spain on July 3, offers a major game show-meets-infomercial vibe from the ’70s, showing Rosalia in a TV competition similar to The Price is Right