Fighting Domestic Violence with Photos…

A picture may be worth a thousand words… But it could also help end domestic violence in the Hispanic community.

Starting today through October 31, HopeLine from Verizon will donate $1, up to $50,000, for every image submitted to Verizon’s first digital hashtag art piece to Casa de Esperanza, a national organization working to end domestic violence in the Latino community.

Verizon’s Digital Hashtag Art Piece (as of 9/22)

“Hashtag art is a wonderful means to represent the strength and diversity of the Latino community,” said Amy Sanchez, chief executive of external relations for Casa de Esperanza.  ”As the leading Latino domestic violence organization in the country, Casa de Esperanza applauds the generosity and tireless efforts of Verizon to support Latino communities and end domestic violence.”

The artwork for this digital mosaic was created by Betsy Casañas. She’s an artist, community activist and educator who has designed more than 35 mosaics throughout the U.S., Ireland, Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. Through her impassioned work, she empowers people in underserved areas to transform their communities while exploring socially relevant themes like abuse, abandonment, love and family.

Betsy Casañas' "Bomba y Piena" Mural in Philadelphia

“We are proud to partner with this strong Latina artist who is using her art to transform and inspire the community,” said Elva Lima, executive director of community relations and multicultural communications at Verizon Wireless.  ”This Hispanic Heritage Month art mosaic is a way for Verizon to celebrate the strength and multifaceted cultures within the Latino community.”

Taking part in this history-making hashtag art mosaic is easy. Simply visit the hashtag art website and add photos and messages by clicking on “Add Me” and logging into your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Within minutes, you’ll be able to click “Find Me” to locate your picture, as well as invite your friends and family to participate.

At the end of the project, a replica of the online artwork will be created and presented to the organization.