Bizarrap Teases New Music Session in Dramatic Fashion

Bizarrap is teasing a new music session…

The 25-year-old Argentine DJ and record producer delivered a short film on Thursday, September 28 filled with drama and suspense that left fans on the edge of their seats wondering who the collaborator will be for his next music session.

Bizarrap,Alongside actors Guillermo Francella and Gastón Cocchiarale, Bizarrap ponders having a name change from Bizarrap to Bizapop, which he made in the days before this release on his Instagram.

Of course, fans began to speculate about who the collaborator might be and what hidden message is behind the name change.

The 8-minute video finds Bizarrap reflecting on which music style he should be listening to, which leads to a breakthrough moment. His next music session is set to drop Wednesday, October 4.