Alicia Villarreal’s Camixes Entertainment Signs Global Distribution Agreement with ADA Worldwide

Alicia Villarreal is hoping for global reach…

The 52-year-old Mexican singer has signed a global distribution agreement with ADA Worldwide and her label Camixes Entertainment.

Alicia Villarreal,The deal marks Villarreal’s return to releasing music after a seven-year hiatus.

Her first independent single, “Ojo Por Ojo,” was released last month, while a new album is expected out next year.

Villarreal participated in different bands in Monterrey, Mexico, before becoming the lead singer for Grupo Límite in 1995.

After nearly eight years of success, Villarreal left the band to pursue a solo career.

She released her first solo album, entitled Soy Lo Prohibido, in 2001.[1]

Villarreal’s work has earned her a Grammy nomination and two Latin Grammy Awards, one from her time with Grupo Límite and one as a solo artist.

Villarreal is booked and managed by Apodaca Group.