Gravitas Ventures Acquires North American Rights to the Spanish Filmmaker’s “Undergods”

Chino Moya’s latest project is heading to North America…

Gravitas Ventures has acquired the North American rights to Undergods, a fantasy thriller anthology movie directed by the Spanish filmmaker in his feature directorial debut.

Chino Moya

A May 7 day-and-date release in theaters and on-demand is planned.

The film is a collection of darkly humorous fantasy tales about failed societies and doomed fortune told via a pair of corpse collectors who roam the desolate streets of an unknown city chatting humorously about their dreams, in which a series of men see their worlds fall apart through a visit from an unexpected stranger.

Geza Rohrig, Johann Meyers, Ned Dennehy, Hayley Carmichael, Michael Gould, Khalid Abdalla, Jan Bijvoet, Eric Godon, Tanya Reynolds, Tadhg Murphy, Katariina Unt, Sam Louwyck, Kate Dickie, Adrian Rawlings and Burn Gorman star.

Trailer Released for Chino Moya’s Debut Feature “Undergods”

It’s a sweet, sweet fantasy world for Chino Moya

The captivating first trailer has been released for the Spanish filmmaker’s debut feature Undergods, an otherworldly journey through a Europe in decline.

Chino Moya

Moya’s first film is a collection of visually impressive and darkly humorous fantasy tales about a series of men whose worlds fall apart after a visit from an unexpected stranger.

Undergods, Chino Moya

Set to an original synth score by Wojciech Golczewski, the film charts disparate eras and realities fusing failed 20th Century utopias and 21st Century Ikea nightmares.

Kate Dickie, Ned Dennehy, Geza Rohrig, Adrian Rawlins and Jan Bijvoet star in the film.

Made with the support of the BFI using funds from the National Lottery, the Wallonia Brussels Fund for Audiovisual and Cinema, the Estonian Cultural Fund, the Estonian Film Institute and Sweden’s Film I Vast, the film is produced by the UK’s Z56FILM in co-production with Velvet Films, Homeless Bob Production, Media Plus, Filmgate Films and Ridley Scott Creative Group’s Black Dog Films and RSA Films.

Moya’s previous credits include short films Years & Years: Eyes Shut, Hurts: Some Kind of Heaven and St. Vincent: Digital Witness.