Bacilos Returning with New Music and Tour

Bacilos is making a comeback…

Folowing the Latin American Grammy– and Latin Grammy-winning trio’s split 10 years ago, Bacilos is returning to the scene with new music and a tour, according to Billboard.


The trio, comprised of Jorge Villamizar, Andre Lopes and Jose Javier Freire, will now be managed by Jose Puig of 2PK Entertainment, with a new single expected as soon as April, according to Puig.

“Ever since we began working with Bacilos, it’s been surprising to see how people have reacted,” Puig tells Billboard exclusively. “We knew the potential of a Bacilos’ return, but we never expected a tour to come together so fast without even having released the first single. We plan on dropping the new single in April and then Bacilos will embark on a tour in May.”

During the trio’s hiatus, lead vocalist Villamizar launched his solo career with a self-titled debut album back in 2008. Now, he’s ready to regroup with Bacilos.

“I’ve spent 10 years touring Latin America as a solo artist, but wherever I would go people asked me about Bacilos,” he says. “It’s surprising how that name is still registered in people’s memories throughout the world. But what is most surprising is to see how young people are familiar with Bacilos. Those fans were so young when we were still together, they probably never even saw us perform live. Which is why 10 years after the band separated, it’s a good time to reunite and share with old and new fans. I’m not sure how long this will last, but it feels good right now … Our friendship stood the test of time and a separation.”

On the Billboard charts, Bacilos had four top 20 hits on the Tropical Songs chart, including two top 10s: “Pasos De Gigante” (No. 4 in 2004) and “Contigo Se Va” (No. 8 in 2006). On the Latin Pop Albums chart, Caraluna debuted (and peaked) at No. 15 on the September 20, 2003 chart.