Cuban Drama “Una Noche” Wins Big at the Tribeca Film Festival

Lucy Mulloy’s Una Noche proved to be one of the big winners at this year’s  Tribeca Film Festival.

During a special awards ceremony last night, the film picked up awards in three categories.

Una Noche

Dariel Arrechada and Javier Nunez Florian shared the Best Actor in a Narrative Feature Film award for their roles in the drama about three Cuban teenagers who defect to the United States.

“Playing Raul and Elio, young Cuban men who goad each other on in a dream of fleeing Havana for a fantasy of Miami, Dariel locates Raul’s danger and sexual power as precisely as Javier taps into Elio’s essential sweetness. Both young actors are nonprofessionals who took great risks to tell a daring story. Each won our hearts,” commented the jury.

Una Noche's Dariel Arrechada & Lucy Mulloy

Una Noche's Dariel Arrechada & Lucy Mulloy

Meanwhile, the film’s United Kingdom-based director Lucy Mulloy was honored with the Best New Narrative Director.

“It is a film that immediately connects any audience member it can find to the undeniable, hopeful, and naïve intentions of the young. It is so rich in its motivations, and so breathtaking in its outcomes, it is thoughtful and entertaining in perfect balance. Mulloy pulled us through social portrait to family drama, to true crime, to thriller, all with skill, grace, the realized intent of a sophisticated filmmaker, and deep love for humanity,” commented the jury.

In addition, Una Noche’s cinematographers Trevor Forrest and Shlomo Godder picked up the Best Cinematography in a Narrative Feature Film award.