Raymix Releases New Electrocumbia Single “Llámame”

Raymix is feelin’ some kind of way…

The 29-year-old Mexican singer-songwriter has released his new single “Llámame,” a playful electrocumbia track that finds him experiencing a roller coaster of emotions while out with a group of friends.


In “Llámame,” released along with a music video, Raymix is crushing hard on his friend and wondering if he’s feeling the same. The story’s unexpected twist will keep you on the edge of your seat so you’ll have to watch until the very end.

The video was filmed in Mexico City and directed by Raymix’s brother Pablo Gómez Moreno. It’s the first time Raymix, who came out as gay in June, features a man as his love interest in a music video.

“It’s time to be courageous though I understand it takes time and it’s not easy,” Raymix previously told Billboard. “We should modernize our music too because cumbia can fall under two categories, urban and regional Mexican, both with heteronormative standards of masculinity. We see the typical macho guys all the time.”

He continued, “Why not change the game? You don’t know how happy I am for doing what I did and for my new team to support me. They played a huge role in this. Here I am, showing the world that we can and should evolve. The most important thing is to be happy.”