Venezuela’s Keydomar Vallenilla Wins Weightlifting Silver at the Tokyo Games

2020 Tokyo Games

Keydomar Vallenilla has lifted his way to an Olympic medal…

The 21-year-old Venezuelan weightlifter won the silver in the men’s 96 kg weightlifting event at the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Keydomar Vallenilla

Vallenilla finished with a Snatch total of 177 and a Clean and Jerk total of 210, for a total of 387 kg.

“I felt that today I had extraordinary strength, today everything happened. I want to thank my mother, my family, my coach who trained me Henry Velázquez and my coach Oswaldo Tovar. This triumph is theirs as much as mine,” said Vallenilla after the competition.

Keydomar Vallenilla

The gold medal went to Qatar’s Fares Ibrahim with 402 kg, while Georgia’s Anton Pliesnoi taking the bronze with 387 kg.

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While Pliesnoi had the same total as Vallenilla, he reached it after failing a 210-kilogram attempt.