“Una Noche en Latinoamerica” Live Concert Streamathon Set for December 5

Call it an online Latin music invasion…

More than 50 artists from throughout Latin America will perform live shows for a streamathon hosted by the website of the Association of Latin American Musical Managers (MMF).

Una Noche en Latinoamerica

Titled “Una Noche en Latinoamerica,” the December 5 event “will show the level of music that our continent produces, for our audiences and for the whole world,” the organization announced.

The recently founded regional organization of artists’ reps is calling the event “an action without precedent” whose goal is to “show the world the quality and diversity of musicians, venues, festivals, dances, concerts and artistic encounters on any given night on our continent.”

Artists, venues and promoters from Colombia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru, Cuba, Brazil and Argentina are among those who have confirmed their participation with shows by musicians of various genres to be streamed from urban clubs, rural festivals and everything in between.

The performances will be streamed at the MMF website.

The MMF, founded earlier this year, has recruited 60 members from 16 countries in Latin America. The stated goal of the managers’ organization is to promote the development of the Latin American music industry. The association is part of the global managers network International Music Management Forum.

“In Latin America we are more than 600 million people connected by the Spanish and Portuguese language and diversenative languages,” the organization notes. “We share common roots, parallel histories, and a very effervescent present. Together, [we are] connected by music.”