Del Rio to Appear in CBS’ Comedy Pilot “The Half of It”

David Del Rio has found his better Half

The 27-year-old Latino actor will star opposite Jon Dore in CBS’ multi-camera comedy pilot The Half of It.

David Del Rio

Written/executive produced by Mike Gibbons and directed by James Burrows, the CBS Television Studios project centers on Mike (Dore), a newly divorced dad who revels in the fact that he now gets to keep half his stuff, which is more than he ever had when he was married.

Del Rio will portray Geoffrey, a hipster with a strong sense of “melting pot of styles” fashion, who frequently operates without a filter and fancies himself a “giver.”

Del Rio, who appeared in Pitch Perfect, recently co-starred in the Lionsgate feature Spare Parts and wrapped production on the indie Undrafted.

Delfino Cast in “Friends with Better Lives” Pilot

Majandra Delfino will found out if the grass is greener soon…

The 32-year-old Venezuelan-born actress, who recently backed out of ABC’s comedy pilot Keep Calm And Karey On, has already landed her next role… one of the leads in another 20th Century Fox Television’s comedy pilot Friends with Better Lives.

Majandra Delfino

Directed by James Burrows, the project centers on six 30-something friends who each think the other has it better.

Delfino, who rose to acclaim on the cult sci-fi classic Roswell, will play one of the friends, Andi. She is described as an attractive and vulnerable mother of an infant and 3-year-old twins who is married to Bobby (Kevin Connolly) and is best friends with Jules (Brooklyn Decker) and Kate.

Her other television credits include Men of a Certain Age, State of Georgia and Quarterlife.