Vergara’s Latest Venture: Saving Lives!

She may be known for her comedic chops… But Sofía Vergara’s next venture is no laughing matter.

The 39-year-old Colombian actress is partnering with Mexican American boxer Oscar de la Hoya to launch a website aimed at educating Hispanic families on the health issues that affect the Latino population most, including diabetes, lupus and asthma.

“There are 50 million Hispanics in this country and there’s no resource like this and we need it,” affirmed Vergara in an interview with “It’ll be something revolutionary to better and save lives.”

For the Modern Family star, the decision to launch the site is quite personal. About 11 years ago, doctors told Vergara that she had thyroid cancer. As a survivor, she has to undergo a series of intensive medical checkups each year to make sure she’s healthy.

“I take good care of myself and am very aware of any change in my health,” declares Vergara. “Thank God I am well and as head of the household and as a woman, this is something I have to take very seriously.”

No word on a launch date for the website.