Dulce María Singing Theme for MTV Latin America’s “Ultimo Año”

If you’ve been longing for new Dulce María music, you’re in luck

The 26-year-old Mexican singer/actress is returning to the Latin music scene in the coming weeks with the single “Es un drama,” the official  theme song for MTV Latin America‘s new novela Ultimo Año.

Dulce Maria

“Dulce María has proven to be one of the most popular Latin music performers and a favorite of MTV Latin America’s audience,” said Marc Zimet, Vice President of Music and Talent for VIMN The Americas. “’Es un drama’ is the perfect combination of original, entertaining and distinctive music for MTV’s new novela”.

Dulce María, a former member of the Mexican band RBD, will release a music video in support of “Es un drama,” which was written by Mexican singer Paty Cantu. Taped last May in Mexico City, the music clip shows Dulce María and the novela‘s cast at an after party tearing a house apart. In addition, the video reportedly includes some steamy scenes featuring Dulce Maria as never seen before.

The music video will premiere as part of El Making of special on MTV Latin America on Tuesday, August 7th at 8pm, with the video available via social media websites and online the next day.

Es un drama” is Dulce María’s triumphant return to music after the release of her successful solo debut in 2009 with Extranjera and in 2011 with Extranjera p2. This new theme song features more of a “rock” vibe than her previous work.

Currently, she’s hard at work on a new album, which will be released in late 2012.

Meanwhile, Ultimo Año—a youthful psychological thriller, which tells the story of a group of students belonging to the high class—will premiere on MTV Latin America on September 3rd, 2012 and subsequently in the US through MTV Tr3s.

The novela’s main cast includes Kendra Santa Cruz, Martín Barba, Iliana Gomez and Mauricio Henao.