Aitana & Morat Team Up for Alt-Pop Single “Más De Lo Que Aposté”

Aitana is upping the ante with a hot new collaboration…

The 21-year-old Spanish singer-songwriter has joined voices with the Colombian band Morat once again, this time for the catchy new single “Más De Lo Que Aposté.”

Aitana & Morat

Even though the track centers on an on-again, off-again couple, it features a feel-good melody that laces Aitana’s dulcet pop sound with Morat’s infectious alternative rock.

“Sometimes we are, sometimes we’re not / One day it’s hate, another day it’s love / I don’t know the reason / But I always end up with you,” Aitana and Morat chant in the chorus.

An innovative and vibrant music video shows both Aitana and Morat jamming to the song in the middle of the woods. 

Aitana and Morat previously released the single “Presiento.”