Salma Hayek Produces Hulu Series “Santa Evita” About Argentina’s First Lady Eva Perón

Salma Hayek is opening up about her latest project…

The 55-year-old Mexican Oscar-nominated actress and producer, always one to support and push forward female-centric stories, recently produced the Hulu series Santa Evita via her Ventanarosa Production company.

Salma HayekThe series focuses on Argentina’s First Lady Eva Perón and stars Natalia Oreiro in the titular role.

The series, currently available to stream in its entirety, dives into some of the mysteries that followed Perón’s death, based on the novel of the same name from Tomás Eloy Martínez.

Perón, wife of Argentine President Juan Domingo Perón, died in 1952 from cervical cancer at the age of 33. Her body was embalmed following her husband’s orders—though it is unknown whether this was her wish—and remained unburied when her husband was ousted and fled the country.

Her remains eventually ended up in Italy and later Spain before finally resting in the family mausoleum in 1976—24 years later.

“Eva Perón is a super charismatic character and there have been so many [projects] made about her. But Santa Evita is based on a part of Evita’s story that is a mystery which is, following her death, she was embalmed by her husband, and then [her body] disappeared for nearly 20 years,” the Academy Award-nominee shared.

“So Tomás Eloy Martínez writes this thriller and some of it is based on facts, of which there are not that many because it remains a mystery, some are based on things he heard, and some of it is just his imagination,” she continued. “Either way, it tells the story of something that I find very relevant today: the obsession that men can have over women’s bodies. The obsession that men can have to take women who seem unattainable and control them. The story is told in an ingenious and original way.”

Eva Perón, Hayek Pinault emphasizes, “remains powerful even after her death,” which is why the series also explores Perón’s life and contributions.

“We also visit moments where she was so full of life and we see why this woman was so special. She was so ahead of her time, a feminist who accomplished so much in such a short period of time,” Hayek Pinault said. “She’s still alive today. She’s still relevant and people remember her so strongly. I am really proud of this project and I enjoyed watching it, too.”

FilmSharks Intl. Acquires Global Sales Rights to Oreiro’s Biopic “I am Gilda”

Natalia Oreiro’s latest film project may be going global…

Guido Rud’s FilmSharks Intl. has acquired the international sales rights to the musical drama Gilda, no me arrepiento de este amor, about Argentina’s legendary cumbia star, portrayed by the 38-year-old Uruguayan singer, actress and fashion designer.

Natalia Oreiro

Picked up by Buena Vista International for Argentina, the film, aka I am Gilda (The Latin Music Saint), is currently shooting in Buenos Aires. It’s being directed by Lorena Muñoz, who co-penned the script with Tamara Viñes.

The film tells the story of Argentine cumbia singer Gilda, born Myriam Alejandra Bianchi, who succeeds in music after working as gardener and P.E. teacher, acquiring the status of a popular saint in Argentina after her tour bus crashed in 1996, killing her, her mother, her daughter and part of her band.

The biopic is toplined by Oreiro, the star of recent standout international sales and festival gems like Lucia Puenzo’s The German Doctor and Benjamin Avila’s Clandestine Childhood.

Oreiro provides her own vocals to the late singer’s hits in the film.

“Gilda, no me arrepiento de este amor” is scheduled for a September 7 theatrical release in Argentina, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Gilda’s death.

Samuel Goldwyn Films to Release Puenzo’s “The German Doctor” in the U.S.

Lucía Puenzo will be thrilling U.S. audiences in the near future…

Samuel Goldwyn Films has acquired the U.S. distribution rights to the 39-year-old Argentinian author and director’s latest film The German Doctor.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 12.42.11 AM

Puenzo’s thriller was nominated for the Un Certain Regard Award at this year’s Cannes Film Festival under the Argentinian title Wakolda.

The film is based on Puenzo’s novel about the search for notorious Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, who hid in South America.

Starring Natalia Oreiro and Diego Peretti, the film is based on the true story of an Argentinian family that unwittingly puts their daughter under the care of the monster.

Samuel Goldwyn Films will release the film in the spring.