Reel Suspects Acquires World Sales Rights to Pedro Cristiani’s Horror Film “Deus Irae”

Pedro Cristiani’s directorial feature debut is one step closer to a global release.

Paris-based genre specialist Reel Suspects has acquired the world sales rights for the Argentinian director, producer, and screenwriter for film and television’s horror film Deus Irae.

Pedro Cristiani,

The film revolves around a priest who skirts the divide between the human world and realm of darkness through his membership of an order of excommunicated clergymen who carry out exorcism on possessed people, using both prayer and more violent means.

The cast features Pablo Ragoni, Gastón Ricaud, Sabrina Macchi, Jorge Prado, Agustín Rittano and Agustín Rittano.

The horror film is an extension of Cristiani’s 2010 short of the same name, which played at multiple festivals.

The new feature world premiered in Argentina’s Mar Del Plata Film Festival last November, with XYZ boarding North America representation shortly after in time for the AFM.

Cristiani first made his mark in the film industry in 1997 as the co-writer on disappearing subway train drama Moebius, spearheaded by cinema professor and filmmaker Gustavo Mosquera R, who enlisted his students to help make the film.

He has since built a career as a screenwriter, show-runner and producer.

He is currently a film professor at New York University as well as co-founder of the Molino Studio, which produced Deus Irae with Bronx-based Hudsonman Inc.