Mendez to Direct Syfy’s Original TV Movie “Lavalantula”

Mike Mendez is ready to spin Los Angeles into his web

The Latino filmmaker is set to direct Syfy’s Lavalantula, which will be released next summer.


The original television movie sees a defenseless Los Angeles under attack by a swarm of giant lava-breathing tarantulas that roast their prey alive!

The film will see the reunion of three key cast members from the Police Academy franchise: Steve Guttenberg — starring as a washed-up ’90s action hero who must save the world — Leslie Easterbrook and Michael Winslow.

Nia Peeples co-stars in the movie, which has begun production for a summer 2015 premiere. Lavalantula certainly has some mega-arachnid cred behind the camera:

Mendez previously helmed another arachnophobic film, Big Ass Spider.