Mr. Ambassador Leguizamo!

He’s one of the most successful Colombian actors in Hollywood, noted for his work in beloved films like the “Ice Age” franchise, “Romeo + Juliet” and “Moulin Rouge”… But Colombian-born actor/comedian John Leguizamo is taking on a big role! He’ll serve as a Colombian ambassador.

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos elevated Leguizamo’s “Honorary Ambassador” status, which he received in 2009, to the official title of the country’s ambassador to the world of cinema.

“He was named ambassador of Colombia for all the directors and great actors in the world,” announced Santos in a press conference with Leguizamo, whom he’d previously met at the presidential palace.

The Bogota born actor, who was raised in Queens, New York, is ready for the challenge.

“To be an ambassador is a big responsibility,” professed Leguizamo. “But Colombia is a stunning country… And we want to offer it to the world to enjoy.”

President Santos hopes Leguizamo’s work will help disprove many of the outdated negative views and notions about Colombia.

“I want to thank you very much, with all of my heart, in the name of all Colombians, for your presence and this offer to become our ambassador to Hollywood, to all of the great international studios, because this not only helps our image, it shows who we really are, it breaks a series of negative perceptions that over many years have accumulated in the mind of many people,” announced the Colombian head of state.