Icesis Couture Named Season Two Winner of “Canada’s Drag Race”

Icesis Couture has raced to the crown…

The 34-year-old Salvadoran Canadian drag queen, whose real name is Steven Granados-Portelance, has been named the winner of the second season of Canada’s Drag Race.

Steven Granados-PortelanceDuring the show’s final episode, Icesis beat out Kendall Gender and Pythia for the crown.

The three queens had to record original verses for Brooklyn Hytes’ single “Queen of the North,” and then perform the song in front of the judges.

Along with the performance, the queens were tasked with directing a photo shoot alongside season 1 winner Priyanka.

Steven Granados-PortelanceFollowing their performance, the final three strutted down the runway in their mesmerizing eleganza.

The competition ended with a three-way lip-sync for the crown to Celine Dion’s iconic single “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now.”

Brooklyn then announced Icesis Couture had claimed the crown.

“When I found out, I cried, and just cried, and cried,” said Icesis in an interview with Digital Spy.”I got crowned in front of my family, and all my friends. It was a magical moment. It was exactly what I was looking for.”