Delgado Smith Co-Hosting Fusion’s New Sports Talk Program “Sports Talkers”

Rebecca Delgado Smith will be talking sports in the near future.

The Puerto Rican comedian/actress in Fusion’s new “outrageous” half hour of sport-talk mayhem, Sports Talkers.

Rebecca Delgado Smith

The new series reportedly takes sports commentary to the next level, according to the network.

Set in what Fusion described as “tricked out suburban basement,” Delgado Smith and two fellow members of the Harvard Sailing Team comedy troupe, Adam Lustick and Billy Scafuri, will combine elements of talk radio, late-night comedy and improve performance to create what Fusion, called “a moth-balled quilt” that begins with sports and ends with “Talkers.”

“This show will do for talking about sports what talking about sports has done for sports,” said David Javerbaum, the former EP and head writer for The Daily Show With Jon Stewart who is overseeing content for Fusion’s nightly block of satire programming.

Fusion is the new ABC/Univision joint venture debuting Monday.

Delgado Smith’s credits include television appearances on The League and New Girl, as well a role in Paranormal Activity 3.