Santana Releases New Record “D’s Up,” Featuring Migos and Jim Jones

Juelz Santana is upping his game…

Following the end of the latest season of Love & Hip Hop: New York, the 39-year-old half-Dominican American rapper has released his new record “D’s Up,” featuring Migos and Jim Jones.

Juelz Santana

The new song finds New York’s seasoned Dipset vets pairing up with Atlanta’s hottest trio. The trap track allows Migos to pounce on the Southside produced-song with gritty lyrics. While they dominate the top of the track, Santana and Jones make their presence known halfway through.

Santana plays hopscotch with Takeoff, weaving in and out of his verse with menacing bars of his own: “I need that big gun, I’m talkin’ machine/ These p—y n—-s just blowin’ out steam/ I get it lit 500 degrees/ Chopper hit everything, bada boom bada bing.”

Last week, Santana released “Dip’d in Coke” featuring French Montana and Cam’ron. While a Dipset reunion probably won’t be happening in the near future, Santana’s collaboration with both Jones and Cam, separately, is a major win for fans of the Diplomats.