Frankie Quinones & His Fellow Dress Up Gang Members to Star in Their First Feature Film as a Comedy Troupe

Frankie Quinones is dressing up for the box office…

The 40-year-old Mexican American stand-up comedian and actor and his fellow The Dress Up Gang comedy troupe members are currently in production on their first feature film, The Dress Up Gang Movie which is being produced by Tideline Entertainment and Mountain Top Pictures.

Filming will take place in Los Angeles.

Frankie Quinones, The Dress Up Gang,Founded in 2008, The Dress Up Gang is comprised of Robb Boardman, DeMorge Brown, Kevin Camia, Donny Divanian, Christian Duguay, Kirk Fox, Cory Loykasek, Quinones and Brent Weinbach.

The film written by the group’s Loykasek, Boardman and Divanian is a comedy adventure about our connection to houseplants, nature, and each other.

Blurb: Cory spends his days isolated and working from home until he becomes entangled with a mysterious figure known only as “the Plantman,” a vigilante who breaks into people’s homes to rescue plants that aren’t being watered. Cory is suddenly thrust outdoors, into an underground world of plant-lovers, secret greenhouses, and rogue hardware store employees who will stop at nothing to save the dying plants of the city. When a mob of negligent plant owners form to hunt down Plantman, Cory’s new allegiances are tested and he’s forced to answer a big question: how far would you go to save a dying plant?

Boardman directs and with Quinones, who has starred in What We Do in the Shadows and This Fool), Loykasek, Divinian and Fox starring.

“Creating stories with The Dress Up Gang is something I’ve been passionate about since we started working together well over a decade ago,” says Quinones. “We’re so excited to bring this film to a larger audience, with partners who believe in our vision and aesthetic. In collaboration with Tideline and Mountain Top Pictures, we bring the audience into a world of plants, helping people reconnect with what’s important through The Dress Up Gang’s lens.”

“It’s an absolute delight to partner with The Dress Up Gang team on their very first movie,” said Hannah Pillemer, EVP and Head of Creative & Production of Tideline parent, MarVista Entertainment. “Frankie, Cory, Robb, Donny and the whole gang are a comedic force who are shaping the boundaries of contemporary comedy, which falls right in line with the kind of imaginative entertainment Tideline produces.”