Cardi B Opens Up About Personal #MeToo Incident

Cardi B is sharing her personal #MeTooincident…

The 26-year-old half-Dominican American rap superstar revealed a recent #MeToo incident she experienced during an interview for WE TV’s Untold Stories of Hip Hop

Cardi B

Hosted by the show’s executive producer, Angie Martinez, the rapper’s revealing segment will air during the show’s premiere on Thursday.

The rapper unveiled that while she was posing for a magazine shoot, the photographer sexually harassed her. “He was just like trying to get close to me,” she said. “‘Here, you want to get into this magazine?’ And he pulled his dick out. I was so fucking mad and it’s just like, this is crazy.”

His misconduct prompted her to immediately leave the shoot and she then took measures to alert management. “You know what’s so crazy?” she said. “I told the magazine owner and he just looked at me like, ‘So? And?’”

“When I see the #MeToo movement, there’s girls from the ‘hood, I know that they went through the same type of treatment,” she said. “They make you feel like you gotta do a certain type of thing for the most bullshit. It happens really every day.”

During Untold Stories of Hip Hop‘s premiere, Cardi B also discusses working as a stripper, her relationship with Offset and motherhood. Thursday’s episode will also feature an interview with Snoop Dogg.