Kid Cudi Delays Release of Ninth Studio Album, “Insano,” While Releasing Two New Tracks on SoundCloud

Kid Cudi may be delaying the release of his highly anticipated new album, but he isn’t making fans wait for new music.

The 39-year-old half-Mexican American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor and fashion designer has announced that his ninth studio album, INSANO, won’t be released this month. Instead, it will arrive in January 2024.

Kid Cudi“I have to push INSANO back until January. I want to make sure that everything lines up and I give y’all the best version of myself,” Cudi said on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Despite the bad news, Cudi reassured his fans that he would release a new single soon, and even dished out two freebies on SoundCloud to hold them over.

“I still plan on releasing the next single soon so don’t even worry about that… Since I’m doing this and I know you all are fiending to get a listen of the album, I’m releasing two new jams from INSANO tonight on Soundcloud,” he said.

The two records, titled “MOST AIN’T DENNIS” and “ILL WHAT I BLEED,” came out Monday night, and are considered “some of the favorites” on INSANO by Cudi.

The former is a braggadocios track in which the artist flexes his accolades and how his counterparts pale in comparison.

“One thing I learned from these lames in the game/ Most ain’t friends most ain’t Dennis,” raps Cudder. Kid Cudi dials down the temperature in “ILL WHAT I BLEED,” and provides more melodic flair than raps.

Kid Cudi previously gave an update in May about the long-awaited collaboration between him and Playboi Carti for “Solo Dolo IV” from INSANO, to the dismay of his fans. “[Carti] wont clear it which is very weak,” Cudi had tweeted. So yea it wont be on there. Which is ok becuz the s–t I have on this album fu–in smacks and ur faces will melt.