Netflix Shares First Look at Drama Series “Superstar,” Produced by Javier Calvo & Javier Ambrossi

Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi are superstar producers...

Netflix has unveiled a first look at its upcoming drama series Superstar from the 33-year-old  Spanish actor, stage, film and television director and writer and his 39-year-old Spanish producing and romantic partner, who is also an actor, stage, film and television director and writer.

Javier Calvo & Javier AmbrossiCalvo and Ambrossi are producing Superstar, a drama series from Nacho Vigalondo about the artistic beginnings of singer Yurena.

Superstar stars Ingrid García-Jonsson as Tamara (now known as Yurena), Natalia de Molina as Loly Álvarez, Secun de la Rosa as Leonardo Dantés, Pepón Nieto as Tony Genil, Carlos Areces as Paco Porras, Julián Villagrán as Arlequín and Rocío Ibáñez as Margarita Seisdedos, Tamara’s mother.

Superstar, NetflixAmbrossi said the project “represents television as a double-edged sword, the triumph of anti-heroes,” while Calvo added: “We wanted to do something wild, crazy, because it was a time of change in Spain. There were no rules, you could do anything on television.”

Known as “Los Javis,” Calvi and Ambrossi launched Suma Content, an independent global production label, in October 2021.

Their projects include he musical La Llamada, the television series Paquita Salas, Veneno and La mesías.