Mau y Ricky Team Up with John Legend for “Bigger Love” Latin Remix

Mau y Ricky are bringin’ the big(ger) love

The Venezuelan Latin pop and reggaeton duo have joined voices with John Legend to bring a little latin flavor to his latest single “Bigger Love.”

Mau y Ricky & John Legend

The Latin remix of the feel-good pop track that celebrates love and resilience was released on Friday, July 24. 

“I always envisioned ‘Bigger Love’ as an international song, bringing musical styles and cultures together to celebrate love and our human connection.  I’m so happy I could collaborate with Mau y Ricky to create this Latin remix.  I hope all of our fans around the world will enjoy dancing to it,” says Legend.

It’s Mau y Ricky’s first English-language collaboration.

“I don’t know if we’re the best for the job but we for sure will be the quickest and the most efficient and the most hungry and excited for it,” Mau tells Billboard. “We’re just so grateful because to be honest, John is one of the artist that we admire the most so this is crazy and we still can’t believe it.”

The making of the remix took no more than a month. And after Legend – who has collaborated with other Latin artists like Juanes and Flor de Toloache– heard what Mau y Ricky had done with the song, he said: “The only feedback I gave them was that I wanted more. They were being a little too shy at first. We asked them to give us more, we want to hear your voice with mine so that there’s a real collaboration and interaction.”