Domingo Zapata to Direct Film Adaptation of His Semi-Autobigraphical Novel “The Beautiful Dream of Life”

Domingo Zapata is turning his life into art…

The 48-year-old Spanish celebrity artist, writer and fashion designer is set to direct a film adaptation of his 2017 semi-autobiographical novel The Beautiful Dream of Life.

Domingo ZapataVeteran producers Cary Granat and Ed Jones will produce the feature adaptation.

In an innovative move, the production will feature 18 pieces of original artwork by Zapata that will be sold as Fine Art pieces and NFTs.

Last year, Zapata’s work Mona Lisa Bull Fighter sold for a personal £1 million record at a charity auction in St. Barts, in which Leonardo DiCaprio was reportedly outbid.

Zapata is known for his lavish lifestyle, film star girlfriends and celebrity collectors, such as DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and George Soros.

He travelled to the Cannes Film Festival for the final days of the film festival to help launch the project and also attend the world premiere of Ken Loach’s Palme d’Or contender The Old Oak on Friday evening.

 The Beautiful Dream of Life is being represented by Dan Aloni, Deborah McIntosh, Daniel Rak, and Chris Jacquemin at WME.

Granat is best known for producing the Chronicles of Narnia franchise, Scream, Journey to the Center of the EarthSpy Kids and Scary Movie.

Currently operating under the banner of Santa Monica EMH Media, he was previously a co-founder of Walden Media and before that, president and COO of Miramax Film’s Dimension Division from 1995 to 2000

Set against the backdrop of the contemporary art world, Zapata’s immersive novel The Beautiful Dream of Life revolves around a renowned painter living in a multi-million-dollar penthouse in New York’s Gramercy Park.

Tired of his hedonistic, party lifestyle and the adulation of those who worship him, he escapes into an imaginary world, where he lives side-by-side with his fantasy ideal of the perfect woman.

Originally from Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Zapata maintains studios in New York City, Venice, Paris, and Miami.