Luis R. Conriquez Releases New Album “Corridos Bélicos, Vol. IV”

Luis R. Conriquez has released new music…

The 27-year-old Mexican singer-songwriter of Regional Mexican music and pioneer of corridos bélicos has assembled an all-star team of collaborators for Corridos Bélicos, Vol. IV, which was released on Friday, January 5.

Luis R. ConriquezWith guest artists like Peso Pluma, Gerardo Ortiz, El Fantasma, Junior H, Gabito Ballesteros, Edén Muñoz, Fuerza Regida, Alfredo Olivas and Natanael Cano, Conriquez recruits some of the best in música mexicana, and honors both the new and old generations of regional Mexican hitmakers.

The set includes a total of 23 songs all powered by the subgenre’s signature sound, punctuated by sierreño guitars, trombones, trumpets and a tololoche.

Most of the album’s songs narrate rags-to-riches stories with lyrics inspired by narco culture, the style of storytelling that has defined corridos bélicos.

Conriquez’s Corridos Bélicos, Vol. IV rings in the year with a tour de force that showcases solidarity in Mexican music — the genre had a massive 2023 and this year looks just as promising.