Tyler Posey’s “Teen Wolf” Returning for Season Three in June

Tyler Posey will be back on the small screen this June…

Following the release of a teaser clip, MTV has announced plans to debut the first half of its 24-episode third season of Teen Wolf – starring the 21-year-old half-Mexican actor – on Monday, June 3 at 10:00 PM ET.

Tyler Posey II

Loosely based on the 1985 film about a high school student-turned-werewolf, the third season of Teen Wolf will feature new faces in Beacon Hills including Charlie and Max Carver as twin Alpha werewolves Ethan and Aiden; Gideon Emery as Deucalion, leader of the Alpha werewolves; Felisha Terrell as Kali, an Alpha werewolf; and Adelaide Kane as Cora, a tough 17-year-old who has ties to the Beacon Hills werewolf line.

Along with Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin and Holland Roden return to the cast.

In its second season, Teen Wolf was the No. 1 cable series among persons 12-34 in its time period and averaged a 1.6 rating, a 7% increase over Season 1.

Posey Goes Shirtless in New “Teen Wolf” Opening Credits

If the new opening credits for the second season of MTV’s Teen Wolf are any indication, then Tyler Posey will be making women swoon all over again…

The wet-and-wild opening credits feature the 20-year-old half-Mexican American actor and his fellow cast mates appear in various states of undress while being doused with water.

Tyler Posey

Season 2 of the MTV’s series begins with a two-part premiere event this Sunday, June 3 and Monday, June 4 with the first episode airing after the MTV Movie Awards at 11 p.m. and the second airing Monday night in its regular 10 p.m. time slot.

The second season finds Posey’s character Scott and Allison (Crystal Reed) still romancing each other in secret while a new member of Allison’s family shows up. Meanwhile, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) continues to add to his wolf pack, including Jackson (Colton Haynes).

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Click here to see the first 10 minutes of the second season premiere episode.

Posey’s a Teen (Wolf) Sensation in His MTV Show’s Latest Clip

He’s seen his star rise in Hollywood after setting hearts aflutter as the leader of the pack in MTV’s Teen Wolf… And now Tyler Posey’s back for another run on the hit drama.

To build excitement for the show’s highly anticipated season featuring the 20-year-old half-Mexican American actor, MTV has released the first 10 minutes of the premiere episode. And, you can expect to see more forbidden love and a new addition to the pack – or possibly two.

Tyler Posey

In the new clip, Lydia (Holland Roden) is still in the hospital while Jackson (Colton Haynes) appears shirtless and recovering from a familiar-looking bite. Will he be the next to join the pack? Missing from the action is Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), who will undoubtedly come back into play as the new werewolf – or is it wolves? – are officially revealed.

On the relationship front: Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) appears to still be pining after Lydia, while Scott (Posey) and Alison (Crystal Reed) continue their Romeo and Juliet love affair in secret.

The new season of Teen Wolf is scheduled to start on Sunday June 6 at 11 p.m. ET/PT following the MTV Movie Awards.