Lima Impresses on This Year’s “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show”

Adriana Lima should be called a superwoman…

During last night’s televised Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the 31-year-old Brazilian supermodel strutted her stuff on the runway a mere two months after giving birth to her second daughter.

Adriana Lima

Lima made her grand entrance in scarlet lace lingerie during runway show, which was taped last month and broadcast on CBS on Tuesday night.

Along with Lima’s impressive comeback, the show’s highlights Rihanna rocking out in a lingerie-inspired look during her special performance of her single  “Fresh Out the Runway” at the end of the corset-and-garter parade, earning the audience’s biggest applause while holding her own on the same catwalk as some of the world’s top models.

Meanwhile, Alessandra Ambrosio‘s orchid-petal wings might have lacked a little pizzazz, but she made up for it by donning a $2.5 million jeweled “floral fantasy bra.”

Alessandra Ambrosio

“It’s highly televised, and you take that into consideration,” said model Joan Smalls ahead of the show. “This is kind of not the same as other runways. You have to prepare your body: No. 1 is the wings are heavy, and No. 2 is you have to be comfortable with your body because the camera will pick up on it if you’re not comfortable and confident.”

This year’s show was divided into six sections: Circus, complete with acrobats, contortionists and a sword eater; Dangerous Liaisons; Pink Is Us; Silver Screen Angels; Angels in Bloom; and Calendar Girls, which allowed Bruno Mars to serenade a model for each month of the year.

Bruno Mars

This year’s show included an announcement that Victoria’s Secret and CBS had each made a donation to relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy, as well as a thank you to the National Guard members based out of the Lexington Avenue Armory that has been home to the show for years.