Garcia Signs with Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

Andy García has new representation.

The 58-year-old Cuban actor has signed on with one of Hollywood’s top talent agencies, Creative Artists Agency (CAA).

Andy Garcia

García had previously been repped for a long time by Paradigm, dating back to the days of The Untouchables, Godfather III, Black Rain, Internal Affairs and the Ocean’s Eleven films.

He’ll next be seen in Let’s Be Cops, and Kill The Messenger opposite Jeremy Renner.

He’s also percolating some projects that include Hemingway & Fuentes. He intends to direct the script he wrote with Hilary Hemingway, about her uncle Ernest Hemingway. The film is about how the writer befriended a boat captain, Gregorio Fuentes, who inspires him to write The Old Man and The Sea. Garcia intends to play Fuentes.

Garcia to Star in “Hemingway & Fuentes”

It looks like Andy Garcia will be having a Hemingway of a time…

The 56-year-old Cuban American actor—who recently announced plans to star opposite Vera Farmiga in the indie romantic comedy Admissions—will star opposite Anthony Hopkins and Annette Bening in Hemingway & Fuentes.

Andy Garcia

The film details Nobel Prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway’s time in Cuba in the early 1950s and his inspiration for The Old Man And The Sea. The 1952 book was the last new work published by the writer before his death in 1961. It was a best seller, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1953 and was mentioned by the Nobel Committee in 1954 as one reason Hemingway was given the prize. Gregorio Fuentes, who died in 2002 at 104 years old, was one of the novelist’s closest friends during the last decades of his life and the longtime first mate on Hemingway’s boat.

Hopkins will play Hemingway, while Bening will portray Hemingway’s third wife Mary Walsh Hemingway.

Garcia, who is set to direct the film, will play Gregorio Fuentes.

The novelist’s niece Hilary Hemingway and Garcia wrote the screenplay.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in January 2013.