Gina Rodriguez to Star in Amazon’s TV Series Adaptation of QCode’s Mystery Thriller Podcast “Last Known Position”

Gina Rodriguez is going into survival mode…

The 37-year-old Puerto Rican Golden Globe-winning actress will star in Amazon’s television series adaptation of QCode mystery thriller podcast Last Known Position.

Gina RodriguezIn addition to starring in the project, Rodriguezwho starred in the scripted podcast — will serve as an executive producer.

Last Known Position charts the fallout of a brand new state-of-the-art American commercial jetliner vanishing on its maiden voyage over the Pacific Ocean. The ensuing air crash investigation discovers evidence of a creature of the deep that may have been responsible.

Premiering in late December 2021, the podcast was created by writer Luke Passmore and directed and executive-produced by John Wynn. Passmore is attached to adapt and executive-produce the series.

Along with Rodriguez and Passmore, executive producers for the series will be Rob Herting, Sandra Yee Ling, and Michele Zarate on behalf of QCode; Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Fred Berger, Justin Levy and Jeremy Platt on behalf of Automatik; and Molly Breeskin on behalf of I Can and Will Productions.

The eight-episode first season of the podcast also starred James Purefoy, Manny Jacinto, Olivia Cheng, Ashley Bell, JR Bourne, Travis Joe Dixon, Matthew Henerson, Jessica Oyelowo, Venk Potula and Giovanna Quinto. It’s not clear yet whether any of those actors will be back for the television update.

Gina Rodriguez Starring in QCode’s Podcast “Last Known Position”

Gina Rodriguez is in a better position

The 37-year-old Puerto Rican Golden Globe-winning actress is starring in the in QCode podcast Last Known Position.

Gina RodriguezRodriguez will take part in the project alongside James PurefoyManny Jacinto and Olivia Cheng.

The mystery-thriller, whose first episode dropped HERE this week, also stars Ashley Bell, JR Bourne, Travis Joe Dixon, Matthew Henerson, Jessica Oyelowo, Venk Potula and Giovanna Quinto.

Created by writer/director Luke Passmore and directed by John Wynn, the series charts the fallout when a brand new state-of-the-art American commercial jetliner vanishes on its maiden voyage over the Pacific. The ensuing air crash investigation discovers evidence of a creature of the deep that may have been responsible.

Executive producers include Rodriguez, John Wynn, Jeremy Platt and Luke Passmore, QCODE and Automatik.

Higareda to Star in Netflix’s Futuristic Drama Series “Altered Carbon”

It’s an altered reality for Martha Higareda

The 32-year-old Mexican Actress has been cast as the female lead opposite Joel Kinnaman and James Purefoy in Altered Carbon, Netflix’s futuristic drama series conceived, written and executive produced by Laeta Kalogridis.

Martha Higareda

Based on Richard Morgan’s award-winning 2002 cyberpunk sci-fi novel, Altered Carbon is set in the 25th century when the human mind has been digitized and the soul is transferable from one body to the next. Takeshi Kovacs (Kinnaman), a former elite interstellar warrior known as an Envoy who has been imprisoned for 500 years, is downloaded into a future he’d tried to stop. If he can solve a single murder in a world where technology has made death nearly obsolete, he’ll get a chance at a new life on Earth.

Higareda will play Kristin Ortega, a smart and tough Lieutenant in the Bay City PD. She and her family are immigrants from the North LaTam Zone (an area that was once Mexico, Belize, Guatamala and El Salvador) and Ortega is following in the footsteps of her father, a cop who died heroically in the line of duty.

Purefoy will play Laurens Bancroft. One of the superwealthy class known as Methuselahs, Bancroft is rich, influential, and over 500 years old. He is a man of contradictions, ruthlessly powerful yet unexpectedly moral, his deep passion for all the pleasures of life matched only by his need to exert iron control over everything around him.

Miguel Sapochnik will direct the first episode.

Higareda’s previous credits include television appearances on Royal Pains and El Mariachi, as well as film appearances in McFarland, USA and Borderland.

Zayas to Guest Star on Fox’s “The Following”

David Zayas is being promoted from homicide detective to FBI agent.

The 50-year-old Puerto Rican actor, whoportrays Sgt. Angel Batista on Showtime’s Dexter,  will guest star on Fox‘s midseason drama The Following, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

David Zayas

The psychological thriller centers on an Edgar Allan Poe scholar-turned-serial killer known as Joe Carroll (portrayed by James Purefoy) and stars Kevin Bacon as a troubles FBI agent on the case to recapture the killer and his army of copycats.

Zayas will play Tyson, a former FBI agent and good friend to Bacon’s Ryan Hardy. He’ll appear in the 10th episode of the Kevin Williamson drama, ultimately becoming an unlikely participant in Ryan’s effort to bring down Joe Carroll’s followers.

Zayas joins Marin Ireland, as recent additions to the drama, which premieres Monday, January 21 at 9:00 pm on Fox.

Along with starring on Dexter, Zayas’ credits include episodes of Grimm, Person of Interest and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Canto Cast in Fox’s Drama Pilot Featuring Kevin Bacon

It’s been a little more than a month since he signed a talent deal with FoxBut Hollywood newcomer Adan Canto may soon be appearing in his first television series on the network.

The 30-year-old Mexican actor/singer has been cast as a series regular on Fox’s untitled Kevin Williamson drama pilot.

Adan Canto

The project, a thriller from Warner Bros TV, centers on an ex-FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) who leads the search to catch diabolical serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy)—a man who has created a cult of serial killers.

Canto will play Billy, a supportive friend of Carroll’s last intended victim, who helps to keep her safe.

The Mexican actor’s casting stems from the network’s initiative to find untapped Latin American talent.

Stowe’s Resurgence on ABC’s Revenge

Since the premiere of ABC’s drama Revenge last fall, Madeleine Stowe’s star has been shining bright one again…

The 53-year-old half-Costa Rican actress, best known for her role in The Last of the Mohicans and 12 Monkeys even received a Golden Globe nomination for her role as wealthy socialite Victoria Grayson on the soaptastic series.

Madeleine Stowe

But Stowe admits people have been treating her differently lately.

“Strangers will stop and stare and whisper to each other, but they’re very guarded and very careful,” Stowe recently told the Boston Herald.

It could be because Stowe’s character is a perfect antagonist—much like Joan Collins’ Alexis Colby on Dynasty—who dispenses chilly stares and cold-hearted comments with a deceptive smile.

“She’s sort of formidable, but she’s also very damaged in a lot of ways and spends her whole life sort of covering everything up. Her whole life has been a huge cover-up,” Stowe said. “I think the audience is sensing a kind of rage and a willfulness in her. Maybe there’s a ticking time bomb there. I think, in her mind, she’s doing whatever she has to to protect the life that she’s built because what she came from before was pretty devastating.”

Madeleine Stowe

In the second half of the show’s first season, Stowe’s character will embark on a “very tangled” romance with guest star James Purefoy while testing viewers’ loyalty.

“There’s going to be some really disturbing things that she does that are coming down the pike, and whether audiences will hang with her or not is another matter,” she said. “I’m totally willing to go there, but you might end up really despising her. … I’m always saying, ‘Let’s go as far as we can with her,’ and this is pretty startling.”

It’s hard to believe ABC had reservations about Stowe playing Victoria, especially given the critical acclaim she’s received.

“I think the network was a little worried initially in casting me — if I would be too sympathetic — and then I think they ended up finding that there were certain aspects to my nature that worked for the character.”

And Stowe admits playing Victoria has been a challenge, as well as an ongoing balancing act.

“I don’t think I always did hit the right note, to be honest,” she said. “There’s times when I look at myself and say, ‘Ooh, that’s just really pushing it over the edge.’ It’s a very, very delicate balance with her, and it took me awhile to find her.”

Revenge airs on Wednesdays at 10:00 pm ET on ABC.

To learn more about Stowe, check out Us Weekly‘s 25 Things You Don’t Know About Madeleine Stowe article.