Gustavo Dudamel Becomes Music Director of Paris Opera

Gustavo Dudamel is set to bring the classical to the City of Lights

The 40-year-old Venezuelan conductor and violinist will become the music director of the Paris Opera while continuing his commitment to the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Gustavo Dudamel

“Opera has long played a seminal role in my life — from sitting in my youth for untold hours at the feet of my Maestro José Antonio Abreu and my idols in Milan, Berlin and Vienna, to making this beautiful artform a staple in our programming in Los Angeles — and I couldn’t be more overjoyed to have found, in Paris, my spiritual home for opera,” Dudamel wrote.

Alexander Neef, general manager of the Paris Opera, described Dudamel as one of the world’s most talented and prestigious conductors.

“In the course of our numerous exchanges, I realized the extent to which he was the one who could share and transmit his love of opera to the widest possible audience,” Neef said in a statement.

The appointment begins August 1 and will last for six seasons.

“Alongside my continued commitment to the LA Phil and to the beloved musicians of El Sistema in Venezuela and around the world, I want to devote all my energy toward creating extraordinary musical moments for our audiences, and to make the Paris Opera ever more connected to the soul of the city and country that surrounds it, with inclusion and access firmly at the core of everything we do together,” he said.

Dudamel has been artistic and music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic since 2009.

The Grammy-winning conductor will be the focus of a documentary from writer and director Ted Braun entitled ¡Viva Maestro! The film is slated for theatrical release later this year.

Juanes & Bosé Aim to Bring Peace Without Borders Concert To Venezuela

Juanes and Miguel Bosé could be bringing their message of world peace to Venezuela…

The award-winning singers met with Jose Antonio Abreu, founder of Venezuela’s National System of Youth and Children’s Orchestras, to discuss plans for holding the third Peace Without Borders concert in Caracas.

Juanes & Miguel Bose
Juanes and Bosé will visit the headquarters of the award-winning “System,” as it’s known, again next month to work out additional details, according to a spokesman for the Simon Bolivar Musical Foundation.

“We are very impressed with all this,” Juanes said of Abreu’s organization, reported Caracas’ El Nacional.

Bosé said he and Juanes expect to bring together “15 artists representative of Europe and Latin America” for the third edition of the Peace Without Borders concert, according to the newspaper.

The concert is also to feature the System’s Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra and acclaimed Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel.

The first Peace Without Borders concert took place in 2008 on the Colombia-Venezuela border, while the second was staged the following year in Havana.

Domingo Performs Charity Concert For Mexican Children…

Plácido Domingo is lending his strong voice to the children of Mexico…

The 71-year-old Spanish tenor and conductor made his last appearance of the year at a charity concert in Acapulco, Mexico, performing before an audience of nearly 20,000.

Placido Domingo

Funds from Saturday night’s event will benefit a youth orchestra program in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, helping hundreds of at-risk youths.

“One of the most beautiful moments was directing them and hearing them sing,” said Domingo in a post-concert press conference, referring to the 320 young people and children from the Orquesta Renacimiento who participated in the event.

The group was created on July 30 with children recruited from the poor Ciudad Renacimiento section of Acapulco, thanks to a program for training children from low-income households.

“I believe this is marvelous,” the Spanish singer, a strong supporter of using musical training to promote integration and prevent social exclusion, said.

Domingo, who was born in Madrid in 1941, said a “great friend,” maestro Jose Antonio Abreu, organized a similar program in Venezuela 35 years ago, allowing more than 350,000 childen to receive classroom training and get off the streets.