Ozomatli Giving Latin Classics a Reggae Twist on New Album “Nonstop Mexico to Jamaica”

Ozomatli is mixing things up…

The Latin hip hop and rock band is giving classic and iconic Latin songs a reggae twist on their upcoming album Nonstop Mexico to Jamaica.


The album is a collection of re-imagined versions of songs like “Bésame mucho,” “Noa noa” and “Tragos amargos.”

Teaming up with other Latin superstars like Juanes, Régulo Caro and Gaby Moreno for the new versions of the “oldies but goodies,” the album pays tribute to music and artists Ozomatli members grew up listening to.

“Anyone who is 8 or 80 will recognize ‘Sabor a mi‘ or ‘Bésame mucho,’ and with these new renditions, these classics become reborn, allowing a whole new generation to sing, dance and keep the legends alive,” Ozomatli’s percussionist and MC Justin “El Niño” Porée says.

Following a career spanning 21 years, Nonstop Mexico to Jamaica will be the Los Angeles-based band’s first album that will include mostly all-Spanish songs.

“This record is yet another stop on a journey that shall be continued … It seems that our natural tendency to embrace difference is being challenged and we want the world to know we stand in solidarity with those that see diversity as a beautiful blessing for all.”