Bad Bunny Teams Up with Homer & Marge Simpson for “Te Deseo Lo Mejor” Music Video

Bad Bunny is playing Cupid for a legendary animated couple…

The 27-year-old Puerto Rican Grammy-winning rapper, singer, songwriter and actor brings together a fighting Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson in his video for “Te Deseo Lo Mejor.”

Bad BunnyDirected by The Simpsons Movie filmmaker David Silverman, the clip finds Homer yet again in the doghouse after missing a family dinner and Marge, as the Los Angeles Times notes, “fed up with husband Homer’s burgeoning social media addiction.” Marge has had enough, taking the beer and the “good pillow” and telling Homer “Haz tu propio almuerzo” (“Make your own lunch”) when Homer opens his lunchbox at the power plant.

As the oafish patriarch wanders the streets of Springfield, running into Bad Bunny multiple times along the way, he recreates the Homer Bush GIF and stumbles into the musician’s concert. After seeing his family and unsuccessfully attempting to win Marge back, Homer ends up onstage with his blue-haired betrothed and, with the help of the singer-rapper, reunites with her.