Calle 13 Recording a Documentary in Cuba

Following the band’s participation in a campaign to end child trafficking and the exploitation of children in Latin America, Calle 13 will be back in front of the cameras for another project.

The Puerto Rican reggaetón duo is currently shooting a documentary about their own experiences in Cuba, according to band member René Pérez, a.k.a. “Residente.”

“We’re filming a big documentary about C-13 in Cuba,” announced Pérez via his Twitter account, according to a report published on the government Web page Cubadebate.

Pérez said he traveled to Cuba on a motorboat and declared that it was “a great experience, a little dangerous but nice at the same time.”

Residente and his stepbrother Eduardo Cabra, known as “Visitante“—who broke the record for most Latin Grammy wins at a whopping 19 at last year’s awards show—have enlisted Puerto Rican filmmaker Lidy Paoli López to direct the documentary.

The film could include the duo’s attendance at a concert offered by Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez last Thursday at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana.

The band has previously filmed the 27-minute documentary “Calle 13 en La Habana“, by Lester Sibila and Frank Fernández, to serve as a record of their visit to the Caribbean country.

Calle 13 first performed in Cuba at a huge concert in Havana in 2010.

“Cuba was a mystery we wanted to discover,” said Residente during that visit. “I open the windows and look at the sea and I’m already inspired.”