Mexican Siblings Aim to Increase the Latino Presence in Hollywood

They’ve tasted success at the Sundance Film Festival with their film Goats, as well as a screening of their film Cellmates through internet VOD and cable… And, now Juan Carlos and Olga Segura are ready to make their moviemaking dreams come true while helping to increase the Latino presence in Hollywood.

The Mexican siblings strongly believe in the potential of Latino talent to bring to the screen stories that aren’t only relevant within the Hispanic community, but that touch the world with universal themes like racism.

Juan Carlos & Olga Segura

“The power to tell stories is a very important tool that gives us the opportunity to change minds. If just a single person benefits from my work, that’s enough for me,” Olga, an actress and producer tells Efe.

Olga started her career as an actress in the theater production of “Pizza Man.” Later, she had the chance to act in the Cellmates, the story of a racist white American (Tom Sizemore) who is imprisoned with two Mexicans and discovers that, in the end, we’re not so different from one another.

Meanwhile, Juan Carlos began his own filmmaking career as a producer in 2009, blindly founding the company Producciones along with actor Hector Jimenez.

In addition to Cellmates and Goats, which features David Duchovny and Vera Farmiga, the company will screen several other productions this year, including Hidden Moon and Todo un hombre, starring Aaron Diaz.