De Azlan Releases New Single That Fuses Country & Mariachi

Star De Azlan is setting her sights on a musical crossover by embracing her Mexican American heritage…

The 27-year-old  Mexican-American singer has just released her latest single “Si quieres verme llorar,” which integrates her Hispanic roots into her overall sound by fusing her country music with mariachi.

Star De Azlan

“My style is country, mariachi and pop; it’s a fusion that can be defined as country in Spanish with Mexican touches that sounds very good,” De Azlan, who was born Esther Gonzalez, told Efe during a promotional stop in Los Angeles.

Produced by Pepe Quintana, known for his work with musical icons such as Maná, Luis Miguel and Sting, De Azlan’s track is a new version of a classic melody popularized by Lisa Lopez.

“It’s a song that has not been done in 25 years and which now with the arrangements that Pepe Quintana put into it sounds fresher,” said the singer, who grew up in Central Texas. “It’s a song that I can sing from my soul and my heart and in which I can project my voice.”

The promotional single forms part of De Azlan’s new album, which contains original compositions like “Desnudate” and “Como una flor.”

De Azlan, who signed to Curb Records in 2007, released her debut single “She’s Pretty” in early 2008. The song peaked at #51 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts.

Now, the artist is marrying her love of country music while singing in Spanish in her quest to carve out a niche for herself in a segment of the market where she feels right at home.

Si me quieres ver llorar” is available on iTunes.