Pena Going on Patrol in “End of Watch”

Michael Pena will be going on patrol this fall…

The 36-year-old Mexican American actor will be starring opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in the dramatic film End of Watch.

End of Watch

Gyllenhaal plays Officer Taylor, a Los Angeles cop who patrols the toughest parts of the city with his partner, Officer Zavala, played by Pena. They’re described as young, brash and really good at their jobs, which leads to a certain ego-driven bravery that leads them into a gang den — and into the center of its bulls eye.

Written and directed by David Ayers, the movie isn’t just a cop film; it also focuses on both Gyllenhaal and Pena’s young families. Anna Kendrick plays Gyllenhaal’s wife, while America Ferrara and Cody Horn play officers as well.\

Pena, who will be playing labor leader Cesar Chavez in his next project, is best known for his roles in Crash, World Trade Center, Observe and Report and Tower Heist.

End of Watch film opens in theaters on September 28.