Kehlani to Release Fourth Studio Album, “Crash,” in Late June

Kehlani is crashing the party…

The 29-year-old part-Mexican American singer-songwriter and R&B superstar has revealed plans to release her fourth studio album, Crash, on June 21.

KehlaniLess than 24 hours after the Grammy-nominated artist teased the LP’s title with a bevy of crash-related tweets, they also revealed the incredibly intricate album artwork on social media, which features them sitting atop a demolished red car while their legs are covered in a metallic, almost mermaid tail-like apparatus.

Kehlani (real name Kehlani Ashley Parrish) dropped “After Hours” as the first single from Crash in April, and the record — which samples Cordel “Scatta” Burrell’s “Coolie Dance Riddim” and was produced by Khris Riddick-Tynes and Alex Goldblatt.

It reached No. 14 on Rhythmic Airplay and No. 40 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. Kehlani released the “After Hours” music video last week, which was set in Las Vegas. She teased a 30-second snippet of her upcoming single “Next 2 U” last week. “when y’all want it,” Kehlani wrote on Instagram and X.

Crash comes two years after her third album, Blue Water Road, which reached No. 13 on the Billboard 200 and No. 8 on Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts.

Prior to Blue Water Road, Kehlani dropped their Billboard 200 No. 2 sophomore album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t in 2020 — which is their highest charting album to date — and their debut album SweetSexySavage in 2017. She’s also previously dropped three mixtapes: Cloud 19 (2014), You Should Be Here (2015) and While We Wait (2019).

Roberto Urbina Starring in Indie Thriller “Deadland”

Roberto Urbina is patrolling the U.S./Mexico border…

The 38-year-old Colombian actor will star in Deadland, an independent thriller from director Lance Larson, which has wrapped production in Oklahoma and Texas.

Roberto Urbina

Urbina stars opposite McCaul LombardiJulieth Restrepo, Kendal Rae, Luis Chávez, Julio César Cedillo, Manuel Uriza and Chris Mulkey in the film.

The film centers on border agent Angel Waters (Urbina), who is called to investigate a man who walks the harsh plains of the South Texas desert, finding that what should be a routine apprehension quickly turns into his worst nightmare.

In an unexpected turn of events, the migrant is accidentally killed, with Waters and his fellow officers quickly burying the body in the desert. They swear to an oath of silence—but the migrant refuses to stay silent.

Larson and Jas Shelton wrote the script, with David Elliot providing creative supervision.

Urbina’s credits include Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, Narcos and Snowpiercer.

Luis Chávez starred in Our Brand in Crisis, In Time and Crash; Julio César Cedillo’s credits include Cowboys & Aliens (2011), Sicario and The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.

Uriza starred in Better Call Saul.

Pena Going on Patrol in “End of Watch”

Michael Pena will be going on patrol this fall…

The 36-year-old Mexican American actor will be starring opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in the dramatic film End of Watch.

End of Watch

Gyllenhaal plays Officer Taylor, a Los Angeles cop who patrols the toughest parts of the city with his partner, Officer Zavala, played by Pena. They’re described as young, brash and really good at their jobs, which leads to a certain ego-driven bravery that leads them into a gang den — and into the center of its bulls eye.

Written and directed by David Ayers, the movie isn’t just a cop film; it also focuses on both Gyllenhaal and Pena’s young families. Anna Kendrick plays Gyllenhaal’s wife, while America Ferrara and Cody Horn play officers as well.\

Pena, who will be playing labor leader Cesar Chavez in his next project, is best known for his roles in Crash, World Trade Center, Observe and Report and Tower Heist.

End of Watch film opens in theaters on September 28.

Peña to Star in Film About Labor Leader Cesar Chavez

Michael Peña will soon be portraying the nation’s most recognized Latino labor leader and civil rights activist.

The 36-year-old Mexican American actor—who has appeared in such films as Crash, Battle: Los Angeles, Lincoln Lawyer and World Trade Center has signed on to star as Cesar Chavez in a film about the Mexican American farm worker, labor leader and civil rights activist who co-founded the United Farmworkers Union (UFW).

Michael Pena

Chavez led the largest nonviolent protest in U.S. history to achieve the UFW’s goal of obtaining basic human rights for more than 50,000 farm workers in California.

“This man inspired an entire community to see themselves as deserving of basic rights and to rise up against injustice,” said Mexican actor Diego Luna, who will direct the biopic. “The film will send the message that change is in our hands — Chavez did something everyone thought impossible with a fearless grace that magnetized an entire country.”

Cesar Chavez

Rosario Dawson is on board to portray Dolores Huerta co-founder of the UFW; while Cesar’s wife will be played by America Ferrera.

In addition, Jacob Vargas has been cast as Chavez’s brother Richard and Yancey Arias as Gilbert Padilla.

The film is set to begin filming next month in Mexico.

Banderas to Play Fidel Castro?

Antonio Banderas’ next role may transform him into one of the world’s most infamous former dictators…

The 51-year-old Spanish actor is in talks with producers to play Fidel Castro in Castro’s Daughter, a film about the life story of Alina Fernández, the love child between the Cuban dictator and Cuban socialite Naty Revuelta.

Antonio Banderas

Fernández tells Screen Daily that she’s excited about the possibility of having the Puss in Boots star sign on.

“I have been a huge fan of Antonio for years,” said the author. “[I] hope to see him play my father.”

Férnandez, who fled Cuba in 1993 and strongly disagrees with Castro’s regime, said she loves Banderas’ “phenomenal charisma.”

“He has the nerve to play the role perfectly,” she says.

The film—based on Fernández’s book, “Castro’s Daughter, An Exile’s Memoir of Cuba”—will shine a light on the father-daughter dynamic between Castro and Fernández.

“While the book is an amazing account of Alina’s life, we decided to take it to the next step,” Mankind Entertainment Producer John Torres told FOX News Latino.

“[We’ll] focus more on the more universal parts of the story that would appeal to audiences worldwide, which is her relationship with her father, and her coming of age.

Mankind Entertainment purchased the rights to the book and looks forward to showing “the former communist leader, and his rebel-spirited daughter,” according to Torres.

Castro’s Daughter—co-written by Bobby Moresco, known for his award winning screenplay for Crash—will be directed by Michael Radford.