Vladi Miguel Guerrero Signs Minor League Contract with New York Mets

Vladi Miguel Guerrero is entering the family business…

The 17-year-old Dominican professional baseball outfielder/infielder, a son of Baseball Hall of Fame slugger Vladimir Guerrero and half-brother of Toronto Blue Jays star Vladimir Guerrero Jr., has agreed with the New York Mets on a minor league contract.

Vladi Miguel Guerrero

Guerrero was among the players the Mets reached deals with as the 2024 international signing period opened.

The club also agreed with the No. 6 overall prospect, catcher Yovanny Rodriguez ($2.85 million); No. 31, shortstop Yensi Rivas ($500,000); and No. 41, outfielder Edward Lantigua ($950,000).

Players born from September 1, 2006, through Augember 31, 2007, are eligible to sign during this year’s period, which ends on December 15. Teams have signing bonus pools ranging from about $4.65 million to approximately $7.1 million; signing bonuses of $10,000 and under don’t count against a team’s cap.