Trujillo Starring in Brioni’s New Ad Campaign

Robert Trujillo is striking a pose…

The 51-year-old bassist and his fellow Metallica band mates are starring in Brioni’s new ad campaign.

Metallica x Brioni

Justin O’Shea, the new creative director of the Italian luxury menswear label, tapped the heavy metal band — current members Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield and Trujillo — to star in the brand’s new black-and-white ad.

The images, photographed by Zackery Michael in San Francisco, were inspired by Queen‘s “Bohemian Rhapsody” cover art.

Metallica x Brioni

“We are beyond thrilled to have been invited to be the face of Italian luxury menswear powerhouse Brioni as they kick off their first creative campaign under the direction of newly appointed creative director, uber cool style star Justin O’Shea,” the band wrote on their Instagram account.

Sanz to Launch His Next Tour in Mexico

Alejandro Sanz is preparing to take his show on the calle, beginning in Mexico Lindo.

The 43-year-old Spanish singer/songwriter and former La Voz… de Mexico coach is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming tour, which he’ll premiere next month in Mexico.

Alejandro Sanz

Sanz’s monumental show is set to coincide with the release of his latest album “La Musica No Se Toca,” which resulted from his urge to compose an album “of monumental symphonic pop rock.”

“There’s a song that I think of as a tribute to The BeatlesSgt. Pepper and also a part like Queen‘s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ but it’s not something I would have planned,” Sanz told reporters.

“It’s a disc dedicated to prowling, to roaming around. I’ve been through so many things, good and bad, and I’ve learned that the journey is in the traveling, not in the destination,” said Sanz, who in the past year had his third child, lost his mother and married Raquel Perera.

Sanz and the 10 musicians joining him for his upcoming tour will take the stage on a set featuring the eye-catching designs of Luis Pastor, who has previously with Sanz, Miguel Bose and Maná.

The result, he believes, is the “most spectacular tour” he’s done to date.

And Sanz will be premiering his new show to the people of Mexico, who supported him during his stint on La Voz.

“Mexico made me so happy last year and I felt really at home there,” said Sanz..

Sanz has plans to bring the tour to Spain sometime in May or June 2013.

Sanchez Demonstrates Her “Rock & Soul” Abilities on Idol

She may only be 16 years old… But Jessica Sanchez proved to be the queen of the night on last night’s episode of American Idol.

During the first half of the show—which was dedicated to the music of Queen—the half-Mexican singer bravely performed a near-perfect rendition of the group’s iconic hit “Bohemian Rhapsody.

Jessica Sanchez on American Idol

Wearing lightning bolt earring, hi-top sneakers and a bedazzled mini-skirt with a bold Native American print, Sanchez showed her exceptional vocal prowess in the first and last verses and demonstrated her rocker-side in the middle sections of the classic rock masterpiece.

AI judge Randy Jackson lover Sanchez’s performance, but suggested she channel Tina Turner. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez wanted more “running around” and “hair throwing” during the hard-rocking section of the song.

But the constructive criticism didn’t stop Sanchez from coming back with a vengeance. For her second performance of the night, she turned out an emotional performance of Luther Vandross‘ “Dance With My Father.

Jessica Sanchez on American Idol

Wearing a simple-yet-stunning neon-dress, Sanchez dedicated the song to her father, who’s about to be deployed to Singapore. J. Lo thought it was the best she’d ever heard the song sung, while Jackson couldn’t find a thing to criticize about the performance.

“You’re so natural,” Randy Jackson said. “You know what was wrong with it? Absolutely nothing!”