SanLuis Addresses Venezuela’s Political Crisis in Uplifting Video for “Mis ilusiones”

SanLuis is rallying the troops to unite a nation…

The Venezuelan duo, made up of brothers Santiago and Luigi Castillo, is addressing Venezuela’s political crisis in the act’s latest music video. The goal: to send a message of hope and unity.


Titled “Mis ilusiones,” the uplifting video by duo San Luis, featuring Apache and Voz Veis, the video includes the participation of Edgar Ramírez, who recently starred in Residente‘s “Desencuentro” music clip, and television personalities Maite Delgado and Gaby Espino.

As part of the movement, San Luis will donate any royalties made from this video.

In a social media post, the duo said: “Today we are going through some of the worst moments in modern history and it’s more important than ever to remember why we are fighting. Once again, our generation must do what other generations have done before: rescue the greatest country in the world.”

The video premiered just days before Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, shut down the opposition-led National Assembly — an unprecedented move that shook the South American country and signaled a shift toward total dictatorship.

Maduro reinstated the parliament’s legislative powers on Saturday.