Nelson G. Navarrete & Maxx Caicedo’s Documentary “A La Calle” to Premiere on HBO Max

Nelson G. Navarrete and Maxx Caicedo will be taking it to the streets in September…

The Venezuelan filmmaker and the Colombian American filmmaker’s award-winning documentery A La Calle will get its premiere on HBO Max on Wednesday, September 15, the International Day of Democracy.

Nelson G. Navarrete & Maxx Caicedo

Directed by Navarrete and Caicedo, A La Calle is a firsthand account of the extraordinary efforts of ordinary Venezuelans to reclaim their democracy from the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro, whose corrupt and brutal policies plunged the country into economic ruin. Working with a network of clandestine camera crews, smuggling hard drives out of Venezuela, the filmmakers spent three years recording exclusive interviews with key opposition figures including Leopoldo López (whose arrest and imprisonment inspired a national movement), Venezuelan democratic leader Juan Guaidó, and grassroots activist Nixon Leal, as well as a host of everyday citizens.

A La Calle is produced by Priority Pictures and Vitamin Productions in association with The Brakefield Company and executive produced by Greg Little, Karen Lauder, and Lizzie Friedman.

“It is an honor to have the film premiere on HBO Max where audiences will now have the chance to experience this beautifully told, powerful story. Our hope is that A La Calle, raises critical awareness about the ongoing humanitarian and political crises in Venezuela,” said EP Little of Priority Pictures.

The film was produced by Emmy-winning producer Shawna Brakefield-Haase, p.g.a., Marcus Cheek, p.g.a., Maxx Caicedo, p.g.a., and Nelson G. Navarrete, p.g.a. David Mosquera is the film’s Director of Photography, and it’s edited by Yesenia Higuera, with music by Venezuelan native Elik Álvarez, who includes traditional local instrumentation and musicians in the score.

“OneFifty understands documentary films can be more than just art or entertainment, but a medium through which the world can learn about the most important sociopolitical issues of our time,” said Navarrete and Caicedo.

A La Calle won Doc AvivBeyond the Screen Award” at the film’s Israel festival premiere. A La Calle has also played at Doc NYC (where Navarrete and Caicedo made the Doc NYC “40 Under 40” list), Miami Film Festival, Movies That Matter Film Festival and Activism Competition, Cleveland International Film Festival, as well as the Human Rights Watch Film Festivals in London, Toronto, and Amsterdam, among others.

SanLuis Addresses Venezuela’s Political Crisis in Uplifting Video for “Mis ilusiones”

SanLuis is rallying the troops to unite a nation…

The Venezuelan duo, made up of brothers Santiago and Luigi Castillo, is addressing Venezuela’s political crisis in the act’s latest music video. The goal: to send a message of hope and unity.


Titled “Mis ilusiones,” the uplifting video by duo San Luis, featuring Apache and Voz Veis, the video includes the participation of Edgar Ramírez, who recently starred in Residente‘s “Desencuentro” music clip, and television personalities Maite Delgado and Gaby Espino.

As part of the movement, San Luis will donate any royalties made from this video.

In a social media post, the duo said: “Today we are going through some of the worst moments in modern history and it’s more important than ever to remember why we are fighting. Once again, our generation must do what other generations have done before: rescue the greatest country in the world.”

The video premiered just days before Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, shut down the opposition-led National Assembly — an unprecedented move that shook the South American country and signaled a shift toward total dictatorship.

Maduro reinstated the parliament’s legislative powers on Saturday.

Nacho Releases “Valiente,” A Powerful Song Dedicated to His Native Venezuela

Nacho is hoping to bring hope to his native land…

The 33-year-old Venezuelan singer, of duo Chino Y Nacho, has released a heartfelt song dedicated to his native country.

Nacho aka Ignacio Mendoza

In the midst of turbulent times in Venezuela, Nacho, whose real name is Ignacio Mendoza, hopes the single will become an anthem of hope and motivation.

Nacho released “Valiente” to coincide with the Sept 1. march in Venezuela, billed as “the taking of Caracas,” where thousands of protesters have taken the streets to demand the ousting of President Nicolás Maduro.

“I can almost break the chains, I can almost scream that freedom has arrived / My feet will be back on the road and I will walk for a better future, because waiting exasperates me,” sings Nacho accompanied by his band Los Fantásticos. “How I wish to go back in time, return to the time of magic and fantasy, the luck I had when I was younger.”

The singer and songwriter, whose been very vocal on the Venezuela economic crisis, took to social media to apologize for not being able to march along with his countrymen due to a family emergency.

“Everything was ready for me to travel,” he said in the post showing his airplane ticket. “I wish that the march and journey is a successful and peaceful one. Please don’t take weapons and control yourselves … Let’s take back our country. God bless you. I love you!”

Venezuela’s Gabriela Isler Crowned Miss Universe

It’s a crowning achievement for Gabriela Isler

The 25-year-old Venezuelan beauty queen has been named the new Miss Universe.

Gabriela Isler, Miss Venezuela, Miss Universe,

Isler,  who appears on Venezuela’s Venevision television network and is an accomplished flamenco dancer, was crowned Saturday night at the end of the pageant held at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall.

With the win, Isler has given Venezuela the country’s third Miss Universe title in six years.

Within minutes of Isler’s crowning in Moscow, President Nicolas Maduro sent his congratulations over Twitter, celebrating her performance as a “triumph for Venezuela.”

Venezuela has won more major international beauty competitions than any other nation, including seven Miss Universe titles.

In the excitement just after the announcement, the tiara fell off Isler’s head as she was being crowned by Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo of the United States. Isler caught the crown laughing.

Spain’s Patricia Rodrigues was the runner-up, with four of the five finalists representing Latin American countries. Miss Ecuador Constanza Baez and Miss Brazil Jekelyne Oliveira, finished 2nd and 4th, respectively. The only non-Latina finalist was third runner-up Ariella Arida, Miss Philippines.

This year’s beauty pageant was judged by Aerosmith frontman and lead singer Steven Tyler, Nobu and Matsuhisa restaurants’ Chef Nobu, Olympic figure skating gold medalist Tara Lipinski, television personality Carol Alt, supermodel Anne V. and Russian pop star Philip Kirkorov.