Cardi B Hints at Releasing Highly Anticipated Sophomore Album Next Year

Cardi B is hinting a new album next year…

The 30-year-old half-Dominican American rap superstar called in to The Breakfast Club on Thursday morning, December 1 for Angela Yee’s last day, and host Charlamagne Tha God asked if she had a release date in mind for the highly anticipated follow-up to her Grammy-winning debut album Invasion of Privacy, which she released in April 2018 via Atlantic Records.

Cardi B“I have no choice, I have to put it out,” she replied. “I have like a couple of songs that are like definite, I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on with me. I need to just make up my mind and put it out.”

DJ Envy gassed her up by saying since “every record you put out went No. 1” (for the record, Cardi has five No. 1s on the Billboard Hot 100 so far), it’s time for her to put out more music.

But the “Up” rapper still feels like the new project is “missing something. I gotta put it out, I gotta put it out next year,” she said, revealing a timeline.

Charlamagne threw out the idea of releasing it on April 6, 2023, to coincide with Invasion of Privacy‘s fifth anniversary, and it sounded like Cardi could be up for it. But time will only tell when exactly to expect her sophomore studio album.

Earlier in the interview, when Charlamagne asked why Cardi was calling in, she woefully responded, “Because Angela Yee is leaving.” Back in August, Yee revealed she was leaving The Breakfast Club to host her own nationally syndicated daily show, Way Up With Angela Yee, which will launch on iHeartRadio.

Cardi topped off her farewell with an a cappella performance of “Until We Meet Again,” the closing theme song from the Playhouse Disney series Out of the Box.

“You’re such a huge part of the show too,” Yee told the chart-topping MC, who’s been a guest a handful of times. But Cardi might be expanding her role on The Breakfast Club as soon as next year: Charlamagne suggested she fill in as a guest-host during the week leading up to her album release date. “Ooh that would be fun,” she replied.