Sanchez Preparing to Release Debut Single in February…

Last year’s American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez is preparing to release her debut single next month…

The 17-year-old half-Mexican American singer, who collaborated with the Black Eyed on the promotional single “Jump In,” has revealed that she’s been hard at work on making music.

Jessica Sanchez

“I’ve been working on my album since the Idol tour and I just finished it up,” the pint-sized singer announced recently, saying she’s getting ready to release her debut single this February.

Sanchez’s first single is reportedly a duet with R&B crooner Ne-Yo, who is also one of the producers/songwriters who worked on her upcoming album.

When asked about the long time it has taken to release her debut album, Sanchez told MTV News, “I wanted to make it perfect for the fans. I’ve worked in the studio before, but going to that next level with such high producers? It was crazy … working with Ne-Yo. Everything was such a blur and I was just a fan girl the whole time.”

Despite the long wait since the end of the 11th season of Idol last summer, fans will soon get to hear the 16 tracks that Sanchez has recorded with song masters Toby Gad (One Direction, Kelly Clarkson), Harvey Mason Jr. (Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake) and Rykeyz (Wiz Khalifa, Fantasia Barrino).

“It’s me, soulful, but more dancey,” Sanchez said of her work. “It’s all completely me,” she said of her upbeat, mainstream pop disc with an R&B edge. “And I’m excited about all of it.”

In the meantime, Sanchez’s fans will get a chance to see her in her upcoming recurring role on Fox’s Glee.