Mon Laferte Delivers Impassioned Tiny Desk (Home) Concert for NPR

It’s a nice day for a white wedding-like performance for Mon Laferte

In a church-like setting surrounded by white candles for a divine ambiance, the 38-year-old Chilean singer, songwriter and musician delivered a spiritual Tiny Desk (Home) Concert for NPR this week.

Mon LaferteAn impassioned Laferte sang some of her most well-known songs, including “Tu Falta de Querer,” “Por Qué Me Fui A Enamorar de Ti,” “Se Me Va a Quemar el Corazón” and “Placer Hollywood.”

Accompanied by a 10-piece orchestra, with instruments ranging from a jarana, an oboe, a tuba and violins, Laferte recorded her Tiny Desk Concert from Tepoztlán, Mexico, where she currently lives.

Dressed in all white from head to toe with red roses adorning her hair, Laferte’s baby bump was also in full display.

This isn’t the first time Laferte has appeared in a Tiny Desk Concert.

Back in 2018, she made her debut in the Juanes and Mon Laferte Tiny Desk Concert, where together they performed “Amárrame” and “Fotografía.”

“It’s a pregnancy I looked for,” Laferte told Billboard during a red carpet interview at the Latin Grammys in November.

“While I was in the process of getting pregnant, I began writing songs and it’s completely different. I was very hopeful but at the same time anxious and fearful and all of that was captured in my new album (SEIS). It’s so different to create from this new place.”

Laferte’s SEIS, her first regional Mexican album that’s home to “Se Me Va a Quemar el Corazón,” is up for best regional Mexican album at the Grammys.

At the Latin Grammys, the 14-track set won best singer-songwriter album.

“The entire writing process [for the album] was very solitary, bleak and melancholic, because I was like everyone else, just filled with uncertainty about what was going to happen,” she previously told Billboard. “So I clung onto my music and my guitar because I thought, if the world ends, I at least want people to know how I was feeling. I wanted to sing about personal experiences, past and future loves, the love I have for my mom and other women.”

Unplug with Juanes!

If you’ve ever dreamt of singing a duet with Juanes, here’s your chance.

The 39-year-old Colombian rockero has launched a contest with Tr3s: MTV, Musica y Mas to give his most talented fans the opportunity to sing a duet with him during his recently announced MTV Unplugged special to be taped in February.


To take part in the contest, participants must submit their performances of a Juanes hit, like “A Dios Le Pido,” “Me Enamora,” “Fotografia” or “La Soledad.

Each week, Juanes’ fans will vote on their favorite performances until a group of finalists are chosen. Then, Juanes will make the ultimate selection.

The contest, which kicked off this week, runs through January 9, 2012. For more information, visit the official contest page.

Meanwhile, Juanes’ MTV Unplugged special will be filmed at the New World Center in Miami Beach in in February 2012. It’ll be directed by Juanes’ longtime friend Dominican singer Juan Luis Guerra.